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Updated:June 16, 2024

Looking for some free and awesome lava stock footage? Look no further than Molten VFX! Our library of high-quality stock footage is constantly expanding, and we’re always adding new and exciting clips to our collection. Whether you’re looking for a fiery explosion or a cool liquid effect, we’ve got you covered. And best of all, our footage is completely free to use! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our collection today!

The videos in our library are perfect for creating high-quality, realistic lava effects that will make your film or video project look professional. Our VFX clips will assist you in creating a show-stopping and awe-inspiring final product, no matter what the project may be. And you will save a lot of time since all our clips are pre-keyed and ready to use. We’ve included an alpha channel, which allows you to simply drag and drop the video effects into your timeline. You can simply import these into After Effects (or any other compositing software); they can also be used in most editing softwares.

Free 4k Molten VFX

Our collection boasts a variety of free molten VFX footage ready for immediate download, giving you the freedom to elevate your creative projects to new heights without any cost.

Our lava visual effects stock footage is perfect for replicating any flowing molten material such as volcano lava, hot metal, melted glass, etc. Check out our splashing lava and spraying molten rocks; you won’t be disappointed! These volcanically-inspired splashes are perfect for creating a realistic volcano scene or any other situation where flowing and incandescent goo is needed. The yellow and orange glow of the ardent flowing sludge is stunning and sells its high temperature. These ultrahot clips make it possible to easily create grandiose glowing scenes that would have been deemed impossible in the past.


Types of Molten Stock Footage

A variety of molten and sparks stock footage options are available for you to choose from:

Molten VFX

Our molten VFX footage can be downloaded as 4K ProRes 4444 Quicktime files, 4K Open EXR files, or RAW R3D files, up to 8K in resolution. If you’re working on a film that needs bright molten rocks and gleaming fluid metal effects, then you understand how important it is to have natural and realistic footage! Our lava effects were all shot live-action with our RED camera system and crisp Zeiss and Leica lenses for an ultra-professional look.

Sparks VFX

Sparks VFX can add the perfect subtle touch that brings your vision to life. We offer a wide variety of sparks shot from various angles. Our free-rising sparks FX clip could be used to spike your magma effect or the red coulee you created. It could also work in a factory-type setting in a scene involving welding and molten steel, for example. Or it could be used for sparks created by a fire or an explosion. They can also be used in destruction scenes featuring exploding light bulbs, broken electrical cables, etc.

Embers Overlays 

Similar to sparks, our fire embers are floating molten particles that drift up from a fire source and glide through the air.

Related VFX Stock Footage

Additionally, these stock footage categories work well with our molten stock footage:

Fire Stock Footage

The most natural companion for our molten stock footage is our collection of fire VFX stock footage. This collection is comprised of a wide array of fire elements to suit any situation.

Additionally, we have made a selection of fire elements available 100% free to download and use.


Smoke VFX 

Our collection of smoke stock footage is vast and provides a terrific complement for our molten elements.

For additional free elements, check out our free smoke stock footage page to add some smoke VFX to your library.

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Simple and easy to use

Using is as easy as dragging and dropping into your app of choice, plus the alpha transparency that comes with our footage ensures the seamless blending of our effects into your scenes.


Fully Compatible

Our VFX overlays are compatible with virtually all modern video editing and graphics software, such as:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Nuke
  • Davinci Resolve / Fusion
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Vegas Pro 15+
  • and many more.

Whether you’re an amateur filmmaker just starting out or a professional production company, FX Elements overlays can be a great tool to have in your filmmaking arsenal.


Highest Quality VFX Footage

Our free footage is offered in all of the same formats and full quality as our paid options, such as 4K ProRes, 4K EXR, and up to 8K RAW formats


Royalty Free, Always

FX Elements offers a comprehensive collection of stock footage that can be seamlessly incorporated into any project, whether commercial or non-commercial. The best part? You won’t have to worry about any additional charges, as all footage comes with a royalty-free license. Experience the freedom to create without limitations.


Download without delay!

Do away with the budget constraints and time-consuming on-location shooting. Dive into our extensive library of VFX assets, and download our free video overlays and other readily available resources!

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