Smoke Stock Footage For Visual Effects and Editors
From atmospheric smoke to plumes and large outdoor smokestacks to gentle wisps from a cigarette, our comprehensive assortment of VFX smoke footage is everything you need to complete your smoke-filled project.

Smoke Stock Footage

These high-quality, pre-keyed elements are perfect for creating atmosphere, mimicking smoke from burning objects, or adding industrial and environmental details to your scenes.

Smoke Plumes Footage

Fast-moving smoke plumes are captured in stunning detail, perfect for simulating intense industrial or environmental scenes. These clips work well for thick smoke rising from smokestacks, locomotives, or intense fumes released from industrial vents.

Windblown Smoke Stock Footage

Large amounts of smoke being blown across the screen by wind and environmental forces are featured in these dynamic clips. They're perfect for adding large-scale smoke to shots of ruins or aftermath scenes, creating a sense of devastation or environmental impact. These elements can be easily integrated into your projects to enhance the realism and drama of scenes affected by smoke and wind.

Cigarette Smoke Overlays

Cigarette Smoke overlays are perfect for adding smoke whisps emanating from an ashtray in post-production. Our library of overlays includes various smoke shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your project.

Smoke Breath Footage

Realistic smoke breath effects are captured from both front-facing and side angles to accommodate various character positions. These clips are ideal for scenes where characters are smoking cigarettes, pipes, or vaping, without exposing actors to actual smoke on set. Featuring plenty of swirling smoke puffs that behave like real exhaled smoke, these elements add authenticity to smoking scenes while prioritizing actor safety.

Smoke Rings

Floating rings of smoke are featured in these versatile clips, perfect for adding a touch of realism or whimsy to your scenes. These elements can be used as exhaled smoke breath or as standalone effects, offering flexibility in their application.

Smoke Charges Footage

These clips feature rising puffs of smoke in various sizes and shapes, characterizing these versatile smoke charge effects. They work excellently for simulating smoke releases or enhancing explosion scenes, especially when paired with pyro charges. Easily inverted for black smoke, these elements can be used standalone to create whimsical puffs like those used by stage magicians or combined with other effects for more complex smoke and explosion composites

Smoke Atmosphere Footage

These packs feature lingering smoky atmospheres captured in exquisite detail, providing superior textural performance for your scenes. The complexity of the smoke layers is perfectly rendered thanks to ultra-high definition capture technology and outstanding lenses. These atmospheric smoke elements offer a powerful, handy, and trustworthy toolset for adding depth, mood, and realism to a wide range of scenes requiring smoky environments.

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