Liquids Footage For Visual Effects and Editors

Need to fill a glass of beer? How about the rain pouring off of an overhang? Our curated selection of liquid elements can quench the needs of the most difficult scenes.

Water Dripping Footage

These clips offer a wide range of intensities, from single drops to heavy downpours, simulating water falling from various structures or surfaces.

Water Splashes Overlays

Captured at surface level, they showcase a variety of splash sizes and intensities, perfect for simulating impacts on water surfaces. Whether depicting a diver's plunge, a rock toss, or a dramatic sea creature emergence, these clips offer versatile options for water interaction.

Water Hits VFX

These clips are perfect for simulating bullets hitting water surfaces or falling objects impacting bodies of water. Shot in slow motion but playing back at 24fps, these versatile elements offer great scalability and include footage of water being sprayed from the side for additional creative options.

Drinks Footage

Including carbonated liquid bubbles stock footage, beer, and coffee stock footage.

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In addition to the footage above, we have a wide variety of complementary video elements. Here are a few of the related rain overlays that pair well with the VFX assets above.

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