High-Angle Fire - Pack 2

High-Angle Fire - Pack 2

High-Angle Fire - Pack 2

Includes 18 FX clips

This pack features a series of campfires shot from a high-angle point of view. Shot from almost directly above, the flames behave differently to the eye, perfect for pyro scenes shot from a higher viewpoint. These clips were shot at 60 fps which allows more scalability.

• All clips include an Alpha channel
• 18 clips horizontal 2K resolution (2048 × 1080)
• ProRes 4444 Quicktime files

This pack includes the following clips:

Pack Details
FX Type: Practical
Clips: 18
Alpha: Type: Luminance Key
Depth Map:
Resolution File Size Frame Rate
2048 x 1080 1270 MB 24 fps

Quicktime Download

2k ProRes