Windblown Fire - Pack 2

Windblown Fire - Pack 2

Windblown Fire - Pack 2

Includes 20 FX clips

This pack features burning horizontal flame bars that are disturbed by a strong wind coming from either above, below or from the side. Depending on where the wind is coming from, the flames' shape and behavior change. These clips work well to add fire to a "Mad Max" style vehicle, a burning high speed train, plane or any other high speed object.

• All clips include an Alpha channel
• 20 clips horizontal 2K resolution (2048 × 1080)
• ProRes 4444 Quicktime files

This pack includes the following clips:

Pack Details
FX Type: Practical
Clips: 20
Alpha: Type: Luminance Key
Depth Map:
Resolution File Size Frame Rate
2048 x 1080 1560 MB 24 fps

Quicktime Download

2k ProRes