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We are proud to announce that our FX Collection Vol. 2 has arrived!

Shooting practical effects looking like deep space has been a real challenge. As you must know, we couldn't take the space shuttle and go wander in the universe for good shots (our true dream of course). We settled for the second option of shooting paint particles in water. After days of trial and error, we found our secret recipe and protocol...

We've worked a lot with glass recently. It ended up being more dangerous than we thought! Glass has the great ability to not break the way you think it will. We shot at it, we hammered it, we dumped it on the ground, we sprayed at it (not so bad). The Home Depot employees were definitely intrigued when we said we were buying all their glass to break it.

2 new packs today: “Falling Debris - Pack 1” and “Falling Debris - Pack 2”!

ProRes 4444 downloadable Quicktime files.

More snow! “Snow - Pack 2” features various amounts of snow falling through frame, great for wintery scenes.

ProRes 4444 downloadable Quicktime files.