Dirt and Falling Debris FX

Falling Dirt and Debris Stock Footage

Updated:June 20, 2024

The demands and applications for falling debris video footage are numerous, but we have a wide range of effects that can help you realize your vision.

A collapsing building or an old abandoned mine shaft, the needs and uses for falling debris footage are vast, but our selection of effects is ready to provide the action that you need to complete your project.

From dirt footage to dust effects, dirt clods to dirtballs, you can establish the right tone for your project.

Our dirt overlays can be used for multiple purposes. Ground hits are one of our customers’ favorite ways to add action to their scene; whether you need dirt exploding into the air or falling to the ground, we have tons of footage to support your project.

4k ProRes 4444 downloadable QuickTime files as well as 4k EXR and RAW R3D files.

Free Dust Stock Footage

free dust overlays

Want to test our footage with your workflow before committing to a purchase? No problem, we have a number of dust stock footage clips available to download for free. You can download in 4k ProRes, 4k EXR or RAW R3D format so that you can get started working in whatever file format best suits your workflow.

Falling Debris - Pack 1

Features sand and debris (wood chips) falling from above frame to the ground. These clips are shot at various speeds: 24 fps, 60 fps, and 120 fps. Two of the clips are horizontally oriented and 14 vertically oriented. These “vertical” clips include the ground in the frame for easier integration in your scenes.

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falling dirt stock footage

Falling Debris - Pack 2

Features rocks falling from above the frame to the ground, sometimes accompanied by sand. These clips are shot at various speeds: 24 fps, 60 fps, and 120 fps. Three of the clips are horizontally oriented, and 11 are vertically oriented. These “vertical” clips include the ground – covered with sand and gravel – in the frame for seamless integration in your landscapes.

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falling dust stock footage ultra HD
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