8k Spring Skies Footage

Updated:June 17, 2024

The skies are a canvas, and with the changing of the seasons come new opportunities to capture breathtaking views. With our 8k resolution sky stock footage, you can create VFX and filmmaking projects that are realistic and beautiful. In this blog post, we’re featuring a wide variety of spring skies stock footage to help you get started. So take a look and get inspired to create something amazing!

white whispy clouds over a blue sky

Skies – Spring Midday – Pack 1 is a rich and detailed collection of beautiful spring skies captured in Normandie, France. Showcase the beauty of nature with 15 carefully curated spring video clips, available as either 4k ProRes (MOV) or 4k Open EXR files, or 8k RED R3D. Shot on a RED Helium camera with lovely Leica lenses, these 4K and 8k videos are perfect for any project.



Skies – Spring Midday – Pack 2 contains 16 individual clips of cinematic midday in spring. Each clip was shot at 8K resolution with the RED Helium sensor to provide the most detailed and vibrant look and was then downscaled to 4K for ProRes and EXRs in a more manageable file size. The RED RAW files are included for advanced users. The video clips can be used royalty-free in all your creative projects, such as film, TV, photography, music videos, and more.


Free Sky Stock Footage

free sky stock footage downloads

Looking to download some free sky stock footage? We’ve got a great selection of free sky videos that you can use in any project, whether personal or commercial. These shots are perfect for testing our library of VFX assets in your workflow or if you simply need to grab some free VFX footage and get started working.


Sky Replacements Made Easy

These clips are perfect for filmmakers, colorists, or VFX artists in need of sky replacement footage or creators who just need some dynamic new B-roll.

This collection of VFX stock footage features a wide variety of cloud formations and was captured at multiple frame rates, including real-time (24fps) and time-lapse (1fps).


Not just for VFX

With about 300 individual still frames per clip, these elements are perfect for use in photography projects as well. Simply select a single perfect frame from thousands of options and integrate it into your next project. Easy as 1-2-3.

So what are you waiting for? Download our free sky stock footage and get started on your next project!