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The Ultimate Visual Effects Quiz

Updated:July 14, 2024

FX Elements is proud to announce the launch of CGI Champ, an entertaining online quiz game focused on the world of film effects trivia. CGI Champ provides an engaging and informative platform for players to expand their understanding of compositing, 3D animation, special effects, and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Whether you’re a VFX artist, a film buff, or just curious about the world of film effects, CGI Champ is an entertaining way to learn more about VFX, practical special effects, and film effects of all kinds.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is intuitive and straightforward. Players are challenged with a Quick Quiz – a rapid-fire round of 10 questions. This rapid-paced session starts off easy, gradually increasing in difficulty as the game progresses.

If you get a perfect score (10 out of 10) in the Quick Quiz, you can access the Hi-Score mode. This mode assigns a point value to each question, and harder questions are worth more points. But the game ends if you miss just one question, highlighting the significance of being knowledgeable and precise.

In CGI Champ, players are shown a video clip from a film or TV show and presented with a question asking the players to identify the visual or special effects used. After selecting their answer from multiple choice options, players receive feedback detailing the effects process for that particular clip. This often includes behind-the-scenes footage and information about the artists and companies responsible for creating the effects.

A time limit for each question ensures a dynamic and challenging gaming experience and prevents players from searching for answers online!

Random Questions = Unique Games

CGI Champ’s first release offers more than 70 questions that cover films from the beginning of CGI to the present day. The questions cover a wide range of topics and will provide a unique experience for every player. Plus, each game is created with a randomly selected set of questions offering a new game each time.

Make sure to check back frequently as we will be regularly updating and expanding the question database with new films to keep the quiz fresh new each time.

Celebrating the Work of Effects Artists

CGI Champ is a tribute to effects artists who work hard to produce the special effects that we see on screens and in theaters. It aims to dispel the popular belief that “CGI sucks” by highlighting the importance of using CGI effectively, just like any other filmmaking tool.

CGI champ VFX artist's credit

Sure, there have been some bad CGI effects shots over the course of cinema history; no one is contesting that fact. But for every bad shot, there are likely hundreds or even thousands of great shots that go unnoticed because they are seamlessly integrated into the narrative. These invisible effects thanklessly enable virtually all modern filmmaking and deserve to be celebrated.

Additionally, when players are presented with the behind-the-scenes response for each question, they are also given a link to the studio or artist responsible for the work. This provides exposure for the artists and studios and encourages support for those who have created the work.

From the first movie to use CGI to the worst CGI movies, CGI Champ covers it all. It’s a platform that celebrates the good CGI while acknowledging the bad CGI in movies. It’s a place where you can learn about the practical effects vs. CGI debate and even get insight into how film effects are created.

Showcase your work

FX Elements invites all VFX artists and studios to showcase their work and contribute to the pool of questions on the platform. It’s an open invitation for those who are eager to share their creative work. For submission details, visit: https://quiz.fxelements.com/submit

For additional information, please see the full press release here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Shn7qW2Q8JHLKJyEnyHG97Zuahgn-9lTL24hdLhY9WI