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New FX Packs: Water Hits and Water Splashes
November 11, 2016

We just introduced a new category: water! We had received requests for water elements and here are our first Water Packs. Water is a difficult subject to capture practically, we are running tests for future packs as we speak. We shot these clips over a black background, mostly in slow motion for greater scalability. All these clips are ProRes 4444 Quicktime files and include an Alpha channel. Have fun!

Water Hits - Pack 1 includes water reacting to a hit or impact and being forced up and tiny drops falling back down. These clips work well for a bullet hitting a water surface or for a rock, for example, impacting it. Some clips also feature water being sprayed from the side. All these clips were shot practically (with real water).

Water Splashes - Pack 1 includes water splashes of different sizes, vertical or diagonal. This series works great to add to a scene where an object falls into water. These clips can be scaled to match the size of the object and thus create a realistic water reaction. All these clips were shot practically (with real water).