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Yay! Free stuff!

Free Gratis!
November 13, 2012

Let’s get your FX library started!

Method #1 - Free clip of the month

Each month, we offer a free clip for immediate download. This way, you can test one of our FX clips and see if it fits into your workflow.

You can find the Free clip of the month on the home page. All you need to do is login (or register for an account) and click on the clip’s thumbnail. Once on the clip’s page, you can download the clip immediately.

Yay! One more clip in your FX library! :)

Method #2 - $20 store credit for completing our New User Survey

We love to learn more about our customers, it helps us make FX Elements better. In that spirit, we devised a quick survey for you to complete. After you submit the completed survey, we’ll add a $20 store credit to your account as a thank you for your help. The credit can be applied to any item in the store.

New or returning customers alike can complete this survey, but the survey can be completed only once! :)

Once you have registered and logged-in, just click on the “New Survey” icon on the home page (or use the link below) to access the survey. Then, just answer the questions and hit submit.

With the $20 credit, you can download another free clip! Or you can apply your credit toward an FX Pack or even toward the FX Collection. The choice is yours!

UPDATE (07/14): the new user survey has now been closed. Thank you to all who participated, your input will help us to continue to make FX Elements a better site!