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FX Collection Vol. 2

It's here!
May 16, 2014

We are proud to announce that our FX Collection Vol. 2 has arrived!

This has been a long time coming. A year of work to complete 587 clips organized in 26 categories. We've worked in our studio for months and months experimenting, filming and refilming our effects so they could be the highest quality possible. With an emphasis on blood, glass, abstract and weather effects, this new volume complements Vol. 1 very well.

FX Collection Vol. 2 includes 2K ProRes files and the corresponding camera raw R3D files (up to 5K original size). That way, you can easily use our ProRes rendered files - most of them include an alpha - by dragging and dropping the clips on your timeline. Or you can use the R3D file when you need more than 2K or whenever you want to have more control. We've also included a few CG effects (CG blood, CG bombs) delivered as 2K ProRes files as well as the original exr files.

This volume contains 430 GB of information and is delivered on a portable hard drive for you to keep. While the FX Collection Vol. 2 travels to you, you can download the Starter Downloads which contains two clips from every category (almost 6GB) so you can start working immediately.


Categories included: Atmosphere, Blood, Glass, CG Explosions, Cosmos, Falling Debris, Snow, Fog, Glitter, Rain, Smoke, Sparks, Wall hits, Zero-G Pyro