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Deep space variations
May 02, 2014

Shooting practical effects looking like deep space has been a real challenge. As you must know, we couldn't take the space shuttle and go wander in the universe for good shots (our true dream of course). We settled for the second option of shooting paint particles in water. After days of trial and error, we found our secret recipe and protocol... We discovered starry skies, amazing galaxies and nebulas, black holes and star clouds just by looking into the tiny paint particles slowly moving in the shallow water. Fun experience.

We now present 51 Cosmos FX clips, divided in 3 FX Packs. Some clips are great for skies replacements, others for deep space action scenes, or any situation you can imagine.

Cosmos - Pack 1 includes a variety of practical cosmos-like effects, useful for night skies in need of stars, deep space star clouds, alien galaxies and ethereal nebulas. The stars are slow moving and subtly flickering for a realistic look. The dominant color in this clip selection is blue as well as silver and purple.

Cosmos - Pack 2 features colorful effects which work great for alien-looking star formations, deep space nebulas and overall foreign-looking renditions of the universe. Some clips feature a black hole like void in the middle of stars.

Cosmos - Pack 3 features diverse shapes and colors of deep space, including ring-like formations, eye-looking black holes and alien-looking star patterns. Some clips, rich with stars and galaxies, are great for a night sky replacement. Others would work really well for Sci-Fi outer worlds. The stars flicker subtly and move slightly as if the universe was expanding.

There is no alpha included but these clips can easily be added to your scenes by using screen mode or other blending modes and simple roto shapes.